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You got it, Hal9 supports Databricks and having them work together unleashes the most advanced analytics powered by generative AI, at any scale.


Databricks combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to help you reduce costs and deliver on your data and AI initiatives faster. Hal9 provides business insights in seconds with a conversational AI. The following video tutorial describes the how to connect Databricks to Hal9 and showcases them both in action for cloud and enterprise environments.

video preview​

Databricks + Hal9

You can use Hal9 with Databricks running in, Azure, AWS or any other cloud provider that supports Databricks. In addition, you will need Databricks with support for Data Analytics, which is part of Databricks Premium pricing. In addition, the current version of Hal9 requires you to use a Unity Catalog, future versions of Hal9 might drop this requirement.

From Hal9 running in the cloud or on-premise, you will need to configure an ODBC connection string, our team is here to help if you need assistance.

Once that's configured, you are ready to ask any data question and Hal9 will answer them through our conversational AI with appropriate tables, visualizations, and interactive controls.

If you have any questions, book a demo at TTYS!

-- The Hal9 Team

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