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published3 months ago
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You can now use PostgreSQL, Snowflake and many other databases with Hal9. We are planning to add many more databases, so feel free to contact us if you have specific needs, request a demo at


If you prefer a video explanation, we recorded this video for you. Otherwise, keep reading along.

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Why Databases?

You can always use Hal9 to chat with your CSV files; however, what should you do if the data is too large or you have too many CSV files?

The industry solved this problem with databases; which allows you to store many tables cleanly and orderly.

Databases with Hal9

You can enable database connectivity in Hal9 from the Settings menu, notice this functionality requires a Pro Plan. You can then choose your databases and fill your database connection requirements.

What to expect?

You can expect better support for databases than CSV files. Their data types, table relations and processing power allows Hal9 to build data analysis faster and better.

If you have any questions, contact us at

-- The Hal9 Team

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