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πŸ€” What's better than data insights πŸ“Š in seconds ⏱️?

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What's better than data insights in seconds? A LOT of data insights in seconds! πŸ”₯

​Hal9 now supports automatically generating insights from your data, all you have to do is upload a dataset, or connect your database, or install us in your enterprise cloud, let Hal9 do the rest!

But, what if I don't like them? No problema! You can just request changes from our chat interface, or even create new ones!


But, what if Hal9 can't get it perfectly? Kein Problem! Hit the "get assistance" button and our team will improve them for you.

But, what if I want my data team to improve them? Pas de souci! Hal9 is leverages the best open-source data libraries like pandas, plotly, streamlit, and sqlalquemy. Share the dashboard with your data team and ask them for help, they can see the code from the settings menu, make a change, resave. Now you can make some more changes, rinse repeat! -- Teams increase their productivity with our brand new Users + AI + Experts workflow πŸš€

Questions or feedback? Get time to chat with us from by requesting a demo -- TTYS!

Hi from Hal9!

Our team publishes updates on Machine Learning Apps, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Looking forward to staying in touch.

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Hi there! Hal9's Basic Plan is on sale for $40 $10/month or $5.83/month with annual billing. Hal9's Basic Plan at $5.83/month with annual billing Hal9 helps you understand your data from almost any service. All you have to do is extract your data as CSV (say from HubSpot, QuickBooks, Excel, Google Sheets, etc) and upload it to Hal9 to get data insights in seconds. TLDR: Hal9 is like ChatGPT for business, business, business, numbers! πŸ¦„ For example, here is a quick tutorial that helped a coffee...

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We are starting 2024 with new public datasets for you to explore in Hal9. You can open a public dataset to: explore dashboards, submit your own prompts, modify existing dashboards, or upload your own dataset and make it public for others to use! πŸš€ In addition, what other data sources would you like us to support next: hubspot, salesforce, google analytics, quickbooks, or something else? Public Datasets -- All the best for 2024! -- The Hal9 Team

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Inspired on this data strategy post, we used generative AI to create a Lego set for your data infrastructure: Data Infrastructure Concept Art by DALLΒ·E 2 We then asked a Lego artist to help us design a data server with real parts and instructions for you to download for Lego Instructions for Data Server We also made this model available for you to purchase from BrickLink and should be purchasable for about $43 USD: Wishing you all the best in...

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